Kinderland 9781869197025

200,00 NAD each


By Helena J.F. Lochner

ISBN 9781869197025

Protea Boekhuis, 2012

Kinderland is a beautiful Afrikaans book with 21 stories for children and lovely illustrations written by ‘Helena J.F. Lochner. Originally, Kinderland was part of a series of six books: Diereland, Storieland, Kleuterland, Kammaland and Avontuurland. It is easy-to-read stories for primary school children and can also be read to toddlers. Protea is publishing this book again in a new modern cover to once again introduce these wonderful stories to a new generation of children. The colourful illustrations were done by an up-and-coming artist, Liezl Potgieter, who also did the illustrations for Kleuterland and Kammaland.