Die Anglo-Boereoorlog 1899-1902 9781868721818

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Die Anglo-Boereoorlog 1899-1902

By Fransjohan Pretorius

ISBN 9781868721818

Protea Boekhuis, 1998

This concise history of the Anglo-Boer War, a prize-winning work which was originally written in Afrikaans, is the ideal book for those who want an overview of the military fortunes of the two warring parties. Now richly provided with maps and illustrations, it is still one of the most accurate short histories of this important three-year war.

The author, GD Scholtz, was a Afrikaner historian of great stature, who saw the Anglo-Boer War as a struggle for liberation, a fight for Boer freedom and independence. His original text has here been sensitively translated into English by historian Bridget Theron, who is a lecturer at the University of South Africa.