Sappi VOËLS VAN SUID-AFRICA - Boek Alleen 9781920217327

360,00 NAD each


Saartjie Kidson, Herman van Niekerk

First in South Africa's ornithological history: BRIZA Publications' remarkable and innovative bird guide, a truly novel concept. The bird watcher can see an image of the bird and hear its actual call on the same page of the book, ensuring quick association, supplemented by information and hints on the bird's behaviour to assist with finding and identifying it correctly.

Modern technology is incorporated in the book in an innovative manner which will greatly change and enhance the way experienced birders do birding. But it also opens up the wonderful world of birding to newcomers, and especially children, nature's future caretakers. Sappi Birds of South Africa is destined to set new standards for bird books used in the field, but is of such elegance that it will also easily double as a sophisticated conversation piece on any coffee table.

Bird watching is no longer just a hobby. It has now become a unique and memorable experience for all to take part in and enjoy!