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CD Sound of Namib Desert CDNM005

205,00 NAD each

CD Sounds of the Namib Desert

Accompanied by: Namib Marimbas, Ferdinand Hengombe, and Theofilia Ndahalele

14 beautiful Namibian songs from Namibia in different Namibian languages

The musicians of the group are all learners from Kuisebmond Secondary School in Walvis Bay. All the funds accumulated are utilised to support the education of the band members and their families.

It is so that many visitors to Namibia come to see Lions, leopards, elephants, rhino and other beautiful creatures. However, statistics reavel that the majority of tourists to Namibia come to view the vistas,the splendid wide open spaces. The biggest and most majestic of these is the Namib Desert which spreads itself across the heart of the country. Mostly untouched, rugged, remote, and seemingly endless, the Namib offers a sensual overload: the curve and colour of dunes at dusk, at dawn and after the rain; the stony click-click-click-click of the translucent palmato gecko, as one falls asleep; the silence, but then the musical hummmm of the wind, the rumble of a dune, as its delicate sand particles shift, tumble
Namibians are as muchin love with the Namib as others are, and for many Namibian artists, it serves as their inspiration to paint, to compose, to write and create.
And, young  Namibian feel the beat, the rhythm, the vibrancy of their beautiful word. This CD is the result of a group of teenage girls and boys who have expressed this love and feelings in music...

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