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/GASA The man who is here for a reason DVD/GASA

195,00 NAD each


/GASATM  The man who is here for a reason

An unforgettable journey to meet the people and the wildlife of Namibia

Linda Gertrud de Jager / Pascal "Freehand"Ricky Nzoni

Endgame Media

We invite you on a journey with /GASA, an animated African superhero.

Join him on a journey to fascinating places and people all over Namibia, and rediscover traditional stories celebrating the creatures we share it will.  /GASA's powerful converstion message will resonate with viewers of all ages.

Languages:  English, Otjiherero, Oshikwanyama, Rukwangali, Khoehoegowab

/GasaTM fights paching and illegal wildlife trade in Africa



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