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InfoMap Zambia 9780958466691

155,00 NAD each


InfoMap Zambia

ISBN 9780958466691

5th edition, November 2013

  • Easy to read in a vehicle
  • Accommodation options with contact details
  • Major and secondary roads with some off-road tracks
  • Roads in some of the larger parks and reserves
  • Distances between points
  • Border post information
  • Fuel points, airports and points of interest

This map is highly detailed and a great planning tool for any self-drive or tourist holiday to the country.

With infrastructure development happening fairly rapidly in Zambia, many more roads being tarred and upgraded and new bridges being built, it is important to be up-to-date. It is becoming both quicker and easier to now to get to the country’s national parks. The map shows primary and secondary routes and off-road tracks, and has been thoroughly edited, updated and improved upon. Included are many points of interest, campsites, camp GPS co-ordinates, accommodation, national park contacts, park gates and fuel points. One side shows the Eastern part of the country. The Western area is printed on the reverse.


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