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InfoMap Angola 9780958484466

155,00 NAD each


InfoMap Angola

ISBN 9780958484466

3rd Edition, 2014

At last there is an updated map for this exciting and rapidly changing country. This 3rd edition Angola map is filled with up-to-date information for the self-drive traveller such as GPS coordinates for important intersections, highways and secondary roads, 4×4 tracks, fuel points, towns, distances, national parks, border posts and more.

  • Easy to read in a vehicle
  • Useful self-drive information such as fuel points and coordinates of intersections.
  • Includes points of interest such as Kalandula Waterfall and the Black Rocks of Pungo
  • Andongo
  • Contains many minor roads and tracks
  • Distances between points
  • Practical, user-friendly scale



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