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InfoMap Botswana 9780620279390

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Infomap Botswana


A classic. The Infomap Botswana map, now in its 15th edition, is one of our top sellers. From more frequented destinations such as the country’s famous game parks to other lesser known ones like Tsodilo Hills – Botswana’s World Heritage site with over 4000 rock paintings – this map is a one-stop resource for both self-drive travellers and fly-in tourists alike. Use it to navigate your way from Gaborone to Maun, from Kasane down the Hunters Road to Khubu Island, from Twee Rivieren to the Kalahari, or simply use it as a visual resource for your upcoming tour.

Botswana is one of Africa’s most politically and economically stable countries with a well-established tourist industry. It is renowned as an ideal safari destination. The Batswana (citizens of Botswana) are famously friendly and the country is one of the safest on the continent.  With a relatively small population this largely arid country had an economy that was traditionally based on cattle farming – however the discovery of major diamond deposits in the last 30 years has changed this. Diamond production is the now the second highest in the world.

An incredible 38% of the land is set aside for the preservation of wildlife through national parks, reserves or private wildlife areas. Enormous areas such as the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Chobe, Makgadigadi Pans or Moremi / Okavango are veritable ‘Edens’, supporting healthy populations of game, and offering an unrivalled safari experience. With so much emphasis on eco-tourism it is no surprise that there is a plethora of options in terms of travel preferences or accommodation requirements. Serious, self-sufficient campers and other experienced outdoor enthusiasts can seek solitude in the endless expanse of the Western Woodlands, the Kgalagadi, Kalahari, Makgadigadi pans and other areas. Self-drive tourists can spend their days watching wildlife and their nights in comfort at a host of lodges or self-catering accommodation spread throughout the country. Then of course there are luxury camps dotted throughout the wilderness areas – with exclusive safaris in the often private consessions where only a few visitors may enter. Many of these types of accommodation are listed on our Botswana map.

This map is packed with useful and up to date travel information such as GPS points at intersections, points of interest, accommodation listing, fuel, border posts, national parks routes and camps, national park booking information, emergency contacts, national road networks and 4×4 tracks. This is a vital resource to any traveler to the country!

    Waterproof, durable, eco-friendly material
    Practical, user-friendly scale
    +150 places to stay with contact details
    Extensive travel information
    Essential services including hospitals, fuel, banks etc
    GPS co-ordinates of intersections
    Border post information
    Many points of interest
    National park roads, gate information, waterholes and more.
    Now includes the Zambezi Region from Divundu to Victoria Falls
    Includes activities


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