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Dies ist Namibia 9781928213109

300,00 NAD each

Dies ist Namibia

Peter Joyce (Autor) und Gerald Cubitt (Fotograph)

ISBN 9781928213109

Struik Travel and Heritage, 2014

Namibia is a country of surprising contrasts – big skies and far horizons, arid landscapes and verdant waterways, jagged mountains and geological wonders, barren soils and bountiful seas. Its reputation as one of the most inhospitable regions in the world belies its capacity to sustain an array of fascinating life forms – from the unique desert-adapted elephant and beetles to the delicate lichens that have evolved to survive in the planet’s oldest desert, the Namib. Its people, too, have learnt to thrive in the harsh environment of this scorched wilderness.

Dies ist Namibia

brings to life the history, natural splendours, magnificent wildlife and diverse cultures of this beautiful and enigmatic land. Through its stunning photographs, detailed introduction and informative captions, this book provides a compelling insight into one of the world’s last true wilderness regions.

Also available in English as This is Namibia


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