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Phototips - Principles of Nature Photography 9780620507486

420,00 NAD each


Phototips - Principles of Nature Photography

Heinrich van den Berg, Philip & Ingrid van den Berg

ISBN: 9780620507486

HPH Publishing, 2011

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this book is for you. With the "Phototips" series of books, the Van den Bergs reveal their secrets - secrets that have kept them at the forefront of nature photography for many years and that have enabled them to create the compelling images for more than 20 magnificent coffee table titles. Instead of producing an in-depth encyclopedia for nature photographers, the Van den Bergs have opted to keep "Phototips" simple and to the point. By showing an image, and then revealing a tip for both beginners and pros based on that image, they have produced a unique series of books. In addition to the tips, the Van den Bergs teach you how to take images similar to those in the book - how to think when capturing the image and what camera settings to use.

Phototips - Principles of Nature Photography is the first in the Phototips series of books.



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