All the way to an independent Namibia 978145304562

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All the way to an independent Namibia

ISBN 978145304562

Dirk Mudge

Protea Boekhuis 2016


The people of the former South West Africa walked a challenging road to transform their country into a liberated Republic of Namibia. Dirk Mudge played a pivotal role to attain this almost impossible ideal, paving the way towards the independence of his country and its people.

Actively engaged in the politics of South West Africa and later Namibia for 33 years, this remarkable man was one of the central figures to draft the Namibian Constitution. In his long-awaited autobiography he tells of the many challenges he faced and mind shifts he had to make for Namibia to sever its ties with South Africa and become a free country. This poignant memoir offers a unique insight into Namibia's long struggle for independence from an insider's perspective.