Child No.95 9789991657400

250,00 NAD each

Child No. 95

My German-African Odyssey

Lucia Engombe

ISBN 9789991657400

Klaus Hess Publishers, 2014

Originally Published in German as "Kind Nr 95" by Ullstein Verlag, Berlin


"At home I'm a girl from Germany."

December 1979: Unexpectedly, the 7-year-old Lucia Engombe was taken from the African bush and brought to a children's hostel in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In socialist Germany, she and 79 other Namibian children were to be turned into the 'new elite' of an independent Namibia.

August 1990: The 18-year-old Lucia is taken with the other so-called GDR children overnight to a home country that is completely foreign to her. Suddenly, standing before her is an unknown woman: her mother.