Mukwahepo - woman, soldier, mother 9789991642192

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Mukwahepo - woman, soldier, mother

As told by Ellen Namhila 2013


UNAM Press

The remarkable story of the first woman to be trained militarily by SWAPO, who was then sent to care for young Namibians who had left the country in the mid-1970s. She reflects on the harsh realities of life in exile and her difficulties after the liberation struggle was over.
‘Recorded struggle history has tended to focus on the upper echelons of leadership…. There is very little about the nurturers and healers… As in all societies across the globe, these were mostly women. This is why the story of Mukwahepo’s is so important, not only for Namibia but all the Southern African countries that have gone through liberation struggles.’ Elinor Sisulu, author of Walter and Albertina Sisulu: In our Lifetime