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Embers of a Campfire 9789994587957

385,00 NAD each

Embers of a Campfire

Pioneering adventures in the wilds of Botswana

Lloyd L.E. Wilmot

ISBN 9789994587957

A safari guide remembers......

Trapped in a cave with a black mamba, pinned down by an elephant bull, charged by a buffalo at night, attacked twice on the same day by crocodiles, sitting with lions at kills at night as they feed....these are some of the adventures of one of Botswana's oldest professional guides.Through countless encounters with wildlife in a lifetime spent out of doors, Lloyd Wilmot has survived to record some of his many adventures.

During two years of trekking by ox-wagon in his childhood through trips with his crocodile-hunting father, Lloyd gained a familiarity with the bush and its wildlife. After school, he became a crocodile hunter through the length and breadth of the Okavango delta until an epiphany turned him to conservation at the age of 23.

In 1967 he became a Professional Guide in photographic safaris, beginning a career spanning the pioneering years of Botswana's tourism to the present. His many international visitors experienced first-hand amazing close encounters and photo opportunities that made their safari an unforgettable experience.

It was inevitable that adventures would come his way. His own curiosity, familiarity with wildlife and general fearlessness led him to explore animal behaviour. His escapades and other exploits confirm his experience and sense of adventure. In today's highly regulated tourism environment such opportunities are largely a thing of the past. Now retired to his forest sanctuary on the banks of the Okavango river near Shakawe, he shares his love of nature and thrills of adventure.


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