My First Book of Namibian Birds 9789994582174

160,00 NAD each

My First Book of Namibian Birds

Peter Reiner

ISBN 9789994582174

Wordweaver Publishing 2019

Have you ever wondered how long it takes a masked weaver to build its nest? Or what an ostrich eats? Or how much a sunbird weighs? This delightful new book introduces young readers and interested amateurs to 42 bird species most likely to be seen in Namibia, from the giant ostrich to the tiny sunbird, the imposing fish eagle to the chattering guineafowl. Illustrated with some 120 photographs, this 60-page publication contains information on appearance, distribution, habits, diet, nesting and predators, and provides key facts such as size, weight and wingspan, as well as interesting trivia facts for many of the species. All this is presented in easily accessible language, providing a handy entry into the world of Namibia’s birds.