Namibia For Youngsters 9789991657424

360,00 NAD each

Namibia for Youngsters

By Gunter Miehlich

ISBN 9789991657424

Klaus Hess Publishers, 2019,

20 x 30 cm, Paperback, 128 Pages, 520 colour photographs

Accompaning Lola and Paul, youngsters and their parents travel through Namibia and, through the worlds and images, get to know the people, animals, plants and landscapes of south- western Africa. They observe the world of animals in the famous Etosha National Park, lived in a tent on a farm, and come to tell the difference between a Namibian farm and a German one. Hiking around, they discovered warthogs, weaver bird nests, poisonous snakes and find out why termites build giant mounts of earth. In the Namib Desert they get to know how dunes, high mountains and deep valleys come about, and discover plants a thousand years old, a Dancing White Lady, and what these dune runners are all about.

The German edition was awarded in 2018 by the Namibian Children's Book Forum!


Ausgezeichnet mit dem Award 2018 des Namibian Children's Book Forum