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Tintin The Seven Crystal Balls 9781405275248

175,00 NAD each


Tintin The Seven Crystal Balls

By Georges Remi Herge

ISBN 9781405275248

Egmont Books, 2014

This new Young Readers edition features the original comic story as well as extra bonus background material, which gives an insight into the book's creation and inspiration, together with a character portraits section. Following the kidnapping of Professor Calculus in The Seven Crystal Balls, Tintin and his trusty companions, Captain Haddock and Snowy, travel to Peru. With the help of a young local named Zorrino, the three follow Calculus's trail to fin the Temple of the Sun. Despite their good intentions, the heroes of the story are taken as villains by the hidden Incan civilization they discover and taken prisoner! How will Tintin and Captain Haddock escape?


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