Namibia - a spectacular journey 9780476002395

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Namibia - a spectacular journey

ISBN 9780476002395

Rob Bickford

Rob Bickford Pub., 2004

From the inside cover:

Namibia is ful of awe-inspiring natural treasuresL mountainous sand dunes that change shape in the wind; wandering chasms gouged out by ferocious rivers, most of which no longer flow; ancient mountains thrown up and down by millions of years of geological upheaval' enigmatic desert that sprawls north and south from east to west. Then there's the wildlife and birdlife, volumes of it, large and small, old favourites and new acquaintances. And everywhere there is infinite colour.

Nothing quite prepares visitors for what they encounter as they travel the highways and byways of Namibia. These pages are about the wonders that lie around every corner. It is, quite simply, a spectacular journey.

Also available in German, French & Italian