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A Guidebook to the NamibRand Nature Reserve 9789994585144

350,00 NAD each


A Guidebook to the NamibRand Nature Reserve

to enhance the visitor's experience and enjoyment in exploring this desert area and its unique features

NamibRand Nature Reserve

ISBN 9789994585144

Published by Venture Media, 2017

This stunning and useful guidebook is dedicated to the late J.A. (Albi) Brückner. He was the founder, chair and custodian and his conservation legacy will continue in this exceptional place.

The book is intended to provide an overview of the landscape, geology, fauna, flora, history, night sky and archaeology of the Pro-Namib Ecosystem and the NamibRand Nature Reserve. It is meant to be an aid to enhancing the visitor’s experience and enjoyment in exploring the area and its desert habitats, and in getting to know its uniquely adapted plants, animals and other features. The book is not presented in the typical scientific format, but rather in a beautifully laid out hybrid coffee table-guidebook format. We believe that this will not only enhance and broaden the appeal of the book, but also make the book more user-friendly to the general public.


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