Epic Land Namibia Exposed 9781485309888

495,00 NAD each

Epic Land (2nd edition)

Namibia Exposed

Amy Schoeman

ISBN 9781485309888

Protea Boekhuis 2019


EPIC LAND is a celebration in pictures and words of the arresting beauty of the landscapes of Namibia and of the centrality of land in the culture, history, politics and daily lives of its people. The book seeks to uncover the rare essence that marks the landscape of Namibia apart from all others. Few countries in the world are richer than Namibia in its canvas of natural beauty. The landscape is one of rich and often harsh contrast with many changing moods. A journey through its landscape is infinitely rewarding. Within this book this progression is depicted. The dramatic scenery of remote deserts, mountains, mystical trees and stormy shores are the equal of any. Through her captivating photographs and absorbing text, Amy Schoeman shares with the reader the strange beauties of her life’s passion. The superb photographs capture the life of the desert, its forms and colours, and the moods of its ever-changing landscapes.

Amy Schoeman is based in Windhoek working as a freelance photographer/writer and editor. She has exhibited her photographs in over 65 exhibitions in Namibia and South Africa. The 200 images reproduced in Epic Land, which is dedicated to the people of Namibia, were taken while travelling through the length and breadth of Namibia over a period of some 35 years to capture the textures, colours and contrasts of her homeland in its many moods and guises.