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Understanding LCHF 9781432306250

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Understanding LCHF

Why do we get far and what can we do about it?

Martina Johansson

ISBN 9781432306250

Penguin Books, August 2016

Swedish biophysicist, fitness athlete and low-carb nutrition expert Martina Johansson has the ability to explain complex biochemistry in an accessible and interesting manner to help readers understand why the LCHF or ketogenic diet actually works and is healthy, if followed correctly and tailored to your individual needs.

Understanding LCHF  will give readers the tools to achieve all of this without complicated meal plans and tedious exercise routines. Martina also shares her in-depth knowledge of hormonal responses, as well as the health aspects and benefits of different types of micro- and macronutrients. She even includes a chapter on fitness training and another with relevant recipes.


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