The Complete Growers Guide to Carnivorous Plants 9781875093748

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The Complete Growers Guide to Carnivorous Plants

Barry A. Rice

ISBN 9781875093748

Briza Publications 2021

For centuries, carnivorous plants have fascinated and mystified all who encounter them. From the well-known Dionaea to obscure African Drosera, from the dramatic Sarracenia of the coastal plains of the United States to the microscopic Utricularia of Florida, they are simply remarkable. Quite naturally it is also a special thrill to grow these wonders of nature. Yet even experienced enthusiasts too often find a lovingly tended homegrown plant fading away without capturing a single insect. Help is at hand in this comprehensive guide to identifying, understanding, and successfully cultivating more than 600 species, hybrids, and cultivars from all genera of carnivorous plants. Surprises abound to delight the reader, such as a common weedy mustard that has carnivorous seeds and aquatic spiders that dive into carnivorous plants to steal their captured prey. Trapping mechanisms inspire awe, whether the snap-shut action of Dionaea and Aldrovanda, the slobbery mucus glands of Drosophyllum, or the giant pitchers of Nepenthes that can trap and dissolve rodents.

With over 400 glorious photographs, many never seen before, a broad plant directory, insights from professional carnivorous plant growers and experts, and detailed coverage that is as enjoyable to read as it is practical to use, this is the irresistible resource that hobbyists, gardeners, and naturalists alike have long awaited.

Barry A. Rice is an expert carnivorous horticulturist who has been growing these bizarre plants since 1985 (not counting the Venus flytraps he killed as a child), and has produced many noteworthy carnivorous plant cultivars. He is editor of Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, the publication of the International Carnivorous Plant Society, and is also the society's Director of Conservation Programs.