Southern African Wood - Guide to the Properties and Uses 9781920217587

690,00 NAD each

Guide to the properties & uses of Southern African Wood

By Stephanie Dyer, Barry James & Danielle James

ISBN 9781920217587


The Southern African subcontinent is richly endowed with a large variety of indignous tree species (some 2100), ranging in size from small shrubs to ancient, towering giants. Yet, in spite of the fact that many of these trees, and the natural environment in which they occur, are well studies and there are many wonderful tree books available, little is known about their wood and that which is known is not easily accessible to the general public.

This book makes available the wood properties of 140 Southern African tree species, of which 134 are indigenous and six are introduced. In addition, eight introductory chapters cover most aspects of indigenous wood, including where trees grow, a history of indigenous wood utilisation, availability and sustainability, practical tips on working with indigenous wood, including harvesting, processing and health issues, as well as wood identification and properties, which introduce the reader to the technical terms used in the species accounts.

Technical data on species is presented alongside personal comments from wood users. The teXt is supported by hundreds of high-quality photographs.

The book was written with a diversity of end users in mind and will appeal to professional woodworkers, designers, architects, wood dealers, wood and furniture collectors, hobbyists and those who simply love trees and wood. It will also serve as valuable research and educational tool.