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The Best of African Folklore 9781432303426

140,00 NAD each


The Best of African Folklore

by Phyllis Savory

ISBN 9781432303426

Africa has a wonderfully rich store of folk tales that have been passed down from one generation to the next. There are stories about how the world came into being, stories that tell of the relationships between human beings and between man and his environment, and of the lessons to be learned from everyday experience.

The tales are like the fairy tales told all over the world, but they have a strong African flavor that is as real as the smell of rain on hot earth. Despite numerous setbacks, things usually turn out all right in the end. Wicked and greedy people (and animals) come off worst and the good receive their just rewards. The gods are stern but fair, and every story has a moral for those who are wise enough to see it.


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