This Is not a Flowerpot 9789991687896

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This Is not a Flowerpot

Amy Schoeman
Wordweaver Publishing House

With keen observation and an enduring sense of irony, Amy Schoeman chronicles Lizelle’s journey from being a woman with no clear idea of what she wants to one who chooses personal freedom and control over her life. On a haphazard journey that starts in Hilversum in Holland and ends in Cape Town in South Africa, Lizelle learns that psychological rather than physical battering penetrates the deepest, and is the most challenging to overcome. When thrown into the midst of her in-laws in London, she despairs at the poverty of intellectual stimulation, but then meets neighbours with whom she can share her love for music and art, and Bruce, an LSD counsellor who is also a user. Via these cameos of her life in London, Lizelle realises that in many relationships ‘we are so wrapped up in our separate realms of unhappiness that we simply cannot understand each other’s realities’.