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Destiny 9781928405559

320,00 NAD each



At thy call we shall not falter

Wynand du Toit

ISBN 9781928405559

From the strong running currents of the Cunene River to the early morning dawn over Cassinga, this book tells the story of a South African Special Forces officer's dedication to his cause.

The rivalry between Captain Tom Maclachlan and Timothy Shikongo, commander of SWAPO's Special Units, takes the reader on a journey through the Angolan Bush war where no mercy was given or taken with the harsh reality of their destinies. Kill or be killed.

When a female doctor was abducted by Mamba as part of a grand betrayal, it was Tango Mike who followed the trail. The scene was set for a terriffic battle between two top military opponents with no clear outcome. There was only one parallel: they were both soldiers.


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