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Faansie's Bird Book 9780620806893

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Faansie's Bird Book

A Fully Fledged Field Guide...for Kids

By Faansie Peacock

ISBN 9780620806893

Pavo Publishing, 2018

a fully fedged field guide...for kids
The first ever full field guide made just for kids.

A radical new approach, with minimal text and maximum fun. Faansie's Bird Book covers every single bird that occurs regularly in South Africa (722 in all!). But it doesn't get caught up with complex and boring technical stuff. Everything is as simple and fun as it can be. It's a whole new way of birding - kids, you're gonna loooooove it!

Covers 722 species in total.
Every bird in SA, not just a few common or obvious ones.
But no super rare vagrants or species that occur only outside South Africa's borders.
Short and fun family introductions, but no long and boring texts for all the species.
Birds are divided into 12 logical groups, like Swimmers, Flyers, Runners and Perchers. Easy!
Tick the bird right there on the plate! Each counts a different number of points in the Bird Nerd Game. Loads of useful "Top Tips" and fascinating "did-you-know" boxes, plus ridiculous "micro-facts".
Questions and challenges to make it interactive (the answers are in the back).

More than 2000 pictures!


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