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The Sperrgebiet 9780620600651

560,00 NAD each


The Sperrgebiet

Natures Parched Masterpiece

Graham and Françoise Williamson

ISBN 9780620600651

Oshana Publishing 2016

Hardcover with dust jacket

The Sperrgebeit is a diamond mining area in southwestern Namibia, in the Namib Desert. In this book, Graham and Françoise Williamson reveal the secrets of this hauntingly beautiful and little known area. The Sperrgebiet covers a wide variety of topics, the unique climate, fauna and flora, the history of diamonds and mining and many other aspects of this unique region. The section on the plants is complemented by many colour pictures. A checklist of all plants from the region is also included. The book is an invaluable asset for anybody interested in the desert areas of south-western Africa.



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