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Prehistory in the Central Namib Desert 9789994572359

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Prehistory in the Central Namib Desert (Reprint)

by Beatrice H. Sandelowsky

ISBN 9789994572359

Published by Dr. B. H. Sandelowsky, Windhoek, Namibia 2013

Prehistory in the Central Namib Desert is based on a field report which was written in 1978. Then it was meant to be a follow-up to 'Mirabib - an archaeological study in the Namib' which had been published in MADOQUA, the Journal of Nature Conservation and Desert Research in South West Africa in 1977. But the follow-up report was not accepted for publication nor was it submitted to any other publisher. Since Namibian Independence in 1990 tourism and mining activities have drawn ever more attention to the central Namib Desert. This led Joh Henschel, as Director of Gobabeb in 2009, to suggest publishing the interesting and original information contained in this work. A list of plant remains relating to the archaeo-botany section of the paper was submitted to Coleen Mannheimer (Associate Researcher at the Namibian Botanical Research Institute) because it could have been outdated. But apart from a few changes to species names she felt that the list would still be valid for the area around Mirabib.

It is hoped that the account reflecting some history of this sub-discipline will lead to further developments in this otherwise neglected field. GPS (Global Positioning System) data for most of the sites only became available in more recent times enabling Terry Hardaker to compile a map of the area. Similarly an analysis of the owl pellet remains found at Hennops Cave, which became available after the original draft of this paper had been written, has been added to this edition. The specialist reports by Dr Hertha de Villiers on the human skeletal remains and the description of Hennops Cave by Dr Justin Wilkinson have also not been published before and add value to this publication.


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