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Okavango: A Field Guide 9780958489102

490,00 NAD each


A Field Guide (Southbound Field Guides)

by Lee Gutteridge (Author), Tony Reumerman (Author)

ISBN 9780958489102

30 Degrees South Publishers (June 15, 2011)

After 'The South African Bushveld: A Field Guide from the Waterberg', this is the second field guide to be published in southern Africa that covers a comprehensive cross-section of the most prominent animals, plants, birds, fish, insects and tracks and signs of a particular region. It includes a detailed natural history section for a greater understanding of the people, plus geology, habitats and ecology of the region. This book negates the need to carry more than one guidebook when visiting the Okavango.

Contents include: History of the region, Geology, Habitats, Ecology, Mammals (& diseases), Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Scorpions, Spiders, Insects, Butterflies & moths, Fish, Flowers, Trees, Grasses, Tracks & signs, Basic survival techniques, Walking and boating safaris.



Oh my - what a stunning book! I cannot thank you enough - truly fabulous and everything you want to know is in it! Every guide, management couple and camp/lodge (and me) etc should have a copy of this book, and everyone else with an interest in wildlife and the environment too. It is superb and you must be really pleased. I will make sure that all here know about the book and that it s a definite one to add to the collections. Again, I am bowled over! --Kate Pirie - African & Indian Explorations


About the Authors

LEE GUTTERIDGE was born in Sheffield, England, in 1973. The family moved to South Africa in 1982. Since his first encounters with snakes in the mid-eighties he has been passionate about African wildlife. He is now a professional field guide with 18 years’ bush experience. He is currently the chairman of the Waterberg region of the Field Guides’ Association of Southern Africa (FGASA). He is also the principal trainer of the Entabeni Nature Guide Training School. He is passionate about the learning and sharing of knowledge. He has co-authored Okavango: A Field Guide (2011) and San Rock Art: A Field Guide (2012). He lives in the eastern Waterberg with his wife Sarah and his two children, Kellen and Savannah.

TONY REUMERMAN was born and raised on the Highveld of South Africa and from an early age developed an interest in bird, insect and plant life. He was educated at St. John Bosco College in Daleside where his interest in natural history unfolded, becoming an obsession during his years as a soldier in Namibia and a microbiology student in Johannesburg. Excursions into wildlife areas in southern Africa became so regular that he decided to become a game ranger. He was to spend eight years guiding, managing and training other guides at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in the Kruger region before moving, in 2000, to the Okavango where he joined Wilderness Safaris. He heads up the guide-training team and has an avid interest in mammal behavior, photography, botany and ornithology.


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