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JAN - A BREATH OF FRENCH AIR 9781432306083

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JAN - A Breath of French Air

Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

ISBN 9781432306083

Penguin Randomhouse, March 2016


JAN – A Breath of French Air is a memoir and celebration of the renowned eatery JAN, a South African restaurant in the south of France. The restaurant is a showcase of South Africa’s tradition of hospitality, transported from a farm in rural South Africa to the glamorous French Riviera.

JAN is proof that dreams can be lived and how a love for what you do can transform humble ingredients into a masterpiece. Each chapter captures the mood and inspiration of what is serve at JAN, and the collection of over 90 recipes covers everything from locally baked breads, amuse bouche and mouthwatering main course meat and fish dishes to what the chefs eat after a long night’s service in a hot kitchen.

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