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111 Roadside Plants Updated Edition 9789994576517

190,00 NAD each

111 Roadside Plants – Updated Edition

A tribute to Namibia's fascinating plant life

Antje Burke

ISBN 9789994576517

Namibia Scientific Society, 2017

This book will provide plant lovers with ample more reasons to get excited about Namibia’s flora!
Antje Burke has had a passion for plants since her early childhood in Germany’s forests. She has since acquired a sound knowledge of the floras in her home country, the Mediterranean, the Negev Desert and southern Africa. She came to Namibia in 1988 and has, as a researcher, lecturer and environmental consultant continued to feed her passion and knows the Namibian flora extremely well. This book is an introduction to this flora and vegetation and a must-have for anyone interested in Namibia’s nature.


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