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Firearms developed and manufactured in Southern Africa 1949-2000 9780620728744

860,00 NAD each


Firearms developed and manufactured in Southern Africa 1949-2000

Pretoria Arms and Ammunition Association, Edited by Chas Lotter

ISBN 9780620728744

March 2017

Two hundred and twenty-two local firearms are covered in this new reference guide. The full story of these firearms and of the people who designed them has never before been told.

This new firearms reference guide is the result of eight years of hard work tracing and interviewing key people, scanning original documents and taking original photographs. This book comprehensively covers the technical data on Southern African hunting rifles, sporting arms, handguns and military firearms as well as telling the story of the companies which manufactured them, the designers who created them and the people who made them.

For those who have an interest in the Rhodesian War, there is a detailed chapter on the firearm industry in that country during the late 1970s as well as information on Rhodesian firearms in other chapters.

This quality, information packed, full-colour hardback A4-size book was launched on 03rd March 2017 in Pretoria. It contains information on two hundred and twenty-two Southern African firearms as well as information on Southern Africa during the period from 1949 to 2000. This book has over twelve hundred photos as well as over one hundred data tables and runs to five hundred and seventy-four pages.


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