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People's Plants: A Guide to Useful Plants of Southern Africa 9781920217716

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People's Plants: A Guide to Useful Plants of Southern Africa

Ben-Erik van Wyk and Nigel Gericke

ISBN 9781920217716

Briza Publications,South Africa; 2nd Revised edition edition 2018

People's Plants is a scientific review of all of the most important useful plants of southern Africa. It remains the first and only fully illustrated ethnobotanical reference source for southern Africa. In this expanded and updated second edition, traditional and contemporary uses of more than 700 plants are described and illustrated in 20 chapters, each dealing with a specific category of plant use:

FOODS & DRINKS - (1) Cereals, (2) Seeds & nuts, (3) Fruits & berries, (4) Vegetables, (5) Roots, bulbs & tubers, and (6) Beverages.

HEALTH & BEAUTY - (7) General medicines, (8) Tonic plants, (9) Mind & mood plants, (10) Women's health, (11) Wounds, burns & skin conditions, (12) Dental care, (13) Perfumes & repellents, and (14) Soap plants and cosmetics.

SKILLS & CRAFTS - (15) Hunting & fishing, (16) Dyes and tans, (17) Utility timbers, (18) Fire-making and firewood, (19) Basketry, weaving & ropes, (20) Thatching, mats & brooms.

 This fascinating book is a must for anyone interested in useful plants, new crop plants, medicinal plants, new product development, ecotourism, rural development, traditional crafts, African culture, ethnobotany and botany in general.


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