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North-Eastern Namibia - Johan Snyman 9789994585977

540,00 NAD each

North-Eastern Namibia

Discovering the secrets of Namibia

Johan Snyman

ISBN 9789994585977

Self-published, 2018

After publishing "Kaokoland" and "Damaraland", Johan Snyman now presents a book on the wonderful north-eastern part of Namibia.

North-eastern Namibia is a contrasting wonderland. The southern parts are dry, and covered in thorn bush over sand with very few birds and mammals to be seen. The northern parts have numerous big rivers and swamplands, with a variety of large trees. A vast array of birds and mammals can be encountered. The western and northern sides have well-established tourism facilities.

This guide has been compiled to give you an insight into some of the amazing things to be found in north-eastern Namibia. Approximately 1600 colour photographs included.

Johan Snyman resides in Windhoek and has personally driven, logged and described every road and track found in the area (16 800km).


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