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The Mammal Guide of Southern Africa 9781920217464

350,00 NAD each

The Mammal Guide of Southern Africa

Burger Cillie

ISBN 9781920217464

The new edition of this popular field guide has been fully revised and updated, making it one of the most comprehensive guides to the land mammals of the subregion. The new edition includes:An easy-to-use system to identify the mammals in the bookDetailed species descriptions, including information on the conservation status, size, food, life expectancy, enemies, habits, voice and breeding of more than 120 of the most common land mammals of southern AfricaMore than 200 excellent colour photographs of the male and female animalsPhotographs and illustrations of field signs, such as droppings and spoor, as well as distribution mapsA table illustrating the tracks (spoor) of all the animals featuredIllustrations showing the difference in size between each animal and a humanA brand-new section which includes examples from all the families of smaller mammals, such as shrews, elephant shrews, moles, mole rats, bats, rats and mice.The Mammal Guide of Southern Africa is a must for game watchers, hikers and anyone with a love for nature.

Also available in German and Afrikaans and with Callfinder


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