Customary Law Ascertained Volume 2 9789991642116

350,00 NAD each

The Customary Law of the Bakgalagari, Batswana, and Damara Communities of Namibia

 Manfred O. Hinz (ed.) assisted by Alex Gairiseb 2013


UNAM Press

This is the second Volume of the Customary Law Ascertained series facilitated by the University of Namibia’s Human Rights and Documentation Centre, in which recognised Namibian traditional authorities have self-stated their customary laws.

‘The ascertainment of customary law helps us understand and appreciate our cultural diversity in the process of forging a common Namibian identity and heritage. It also helps us understand the rationale for the existence of the various customary laws, as well as how communities decide what laws they will keep and which to discard in view of the Namibian Constitution and other laws…We cannot adopt an uncritical approach to customary laws, therefore; but need to start the process of engagement and dialogue – which these volumes will help us to achieve.’ Former African Union Commissioner, Advocate Bience Gawanas

Customary Law Ascertained Volume 1. The customary law of the Owambo, Kavango and Caprivi Communities of Namibia was published by Kuiseb Publishers/Namibia Scientific Society in 2010.