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Nuanced Considerations 9789991684987

345,00 NAD each


Nuanced Considerations

Recent Voices in Namibian-German Colonial History

Edited and introduced by Wolfram Hartmann

ISBN 9789991684987

A collection of historical research and writing on core issues of Namibian-German colonial history.

The book features a body of fresh historical and sociological research and writing on Namibian-German colonial history. Intellectually challenging, academically sound and responsibly argued, the book ‘brings home’ scholarship, ‘back’ into Namibian public discussions and historical-political discourses. It aims at overcoming the polarised public discussion of Namibia’s (German) colonial past, (re)claiming ownership of the debate. For the first time, this work is available in Namibia in English: translated, re-edited, adjusted and affordable. Important issues have been ‘moved’ from the ivory tower into Namibia’s bright day-light.


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