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The History of Freemasony in Namibia 1905 - 2019 9789991670027

255,00 NAD each


The History of Freemasony in Namibia 1905 - 2019

Gordon McGregor

ISBN 9789991670027

Published privately by Gordong McGregor, August 2019


This publication is a history of the Freemanson's Lodges and Chapters in Namibia. The history starts with the first recorded activity of Freemasons in the country in 1905 and continues up to the present day.

The publication provides information on the English, Scottish, German and South African Constitution Lodges and Chapters within the country. Included are also pictures of the Founders Jewels or Crests of the various Namibian Lodges and Chapters.

As this book is a history of the various Lodges and Chapters in the country it does NOT delve into the various ceremonies practiced by Freemasons.


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