The Scourge of the Kaiserbird 9780994691316

480,00 NAD each

The Scourge of the Kaiserbird

Koos Marais

ISBN 9780994691316


In 1906 while the Namas, indigenous first people of Namibia, were engaged in a war with the German colonial Schutztruppe, the Luchtensteins, an immigrant family, arrived by ship in Lüderitzbucht. They then left by ox wagon to a new home, three hundred kilometres into the interior. Ahead of them lay the treacherous sands of the Namib Desert; thirst searing heat, freezing nights, the fury of the desert wind, wild animals - and the enemy.

A nama commando led by Cornelius Fredericks, son-in-law of Hendrik Witbooi, attachs them but Cornelius allows them to escape unharmed only to fall victim himself to his enemies. A strong bond develops between young Ernst Luchtenstein and the captured Nama captain, Cornelius Fredricks....