Murder at Angra Pequena! 9789994576111

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Murder at Angra Pequena!

James Grey shot and killed! 30 October 1863

By Gordon McGregor

ISBN 9789994576111

Kuiseb Publisher (Namibia Scientific Society), 2012

The popular story told regarding the Confederate ship, the 'CSS Alabama' and her involvement with the town named Luderitz, normally runs as follows: During the Civil War in America (1861-1865) the Confederate Ship ‘CSS Alabama’ used the lagoon Angra Pequeña, today known as Lüderitz as a base. The frigate ‘USS Vanderbilt’, of the northern states discovered her there and a battle ensued between the two of them.

After the ‘USS Vanderbilt’ captured the ship ‘Saxon’, lying at anchor in Radford Bay, the First Officer of the ‘Saxon’, Griffith, left the ship and stayed with David Radford at his house at Radford Bay. They became good friends. After the battle between the ships, Griffith was shot for mutiny by the First Officer of the ‘USS Vanderbilt’ and buried by his friend Radford in the bay now called Griffith Bay. Was it really Griffith that got shot or perhaps someone else?

The First Mate of the British ship ‘Saxon’, a certain James Grey, was shot and killed by Charles Danenhower, an America sailor of the ‘USS Vanderbilt’, on 30 October 1863 at Angra Pequeña. Are Griffith and Grey the same person? Was there a battle between these ships at Angra Pequeña? This book portrays the true story of what actually happened at Angra Pequeña in 1863. Also established by this book is a relatively unknown link that connects Namibia and the American Civil War.