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Namibia - Geological Wonderland 9789994579778

415,00 NAD each

Namibia - Geological Wonderland: A geological journey

by Nicole Grünert, 2015


Padlangs Publications

Namibia is one of the most geologically interesting countries in the world. Apart from a geological evolution dating back more than 2000 million years, signs of all the major geological processes are clearly visible. They shaped the spellbinding Namibian landscapes, which continue to attract thousands of visitors every year. During this vast time span, Namibia underwent climatic extremes: ice ages and sub-polar topographies; tropical humid periods and red-hot desert landscapes. These events left their mark on the land and formed the country as we know it today.
Guidance to better understanding the great Earth landscapes and phenomena can be found in

Nicole Grünert’s latest book Namibia - Geological Wonderland:

A geological journeyis an easy-reading book where complex geological concepts are explained in simple terms.

While Nicole Grünert’s first book Namibia: Fascination of Geology, describing the geology of Namibia’s national parks and popular tourist destinations, remains a success 16 years after it was first published, her latest book introduces Namibian geology from a new angle. Nicole describes the different perspective as follows: “Here we introduce geological eras and selected geological phenomena and show where evidence of them can be found in Namibia.” The book is vividly illustrated with many colourful photographs.


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