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Wildflowers of the Central Highlands 9789991640686

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Wild Flowers of the Central Highlands

BY Antje Burke


Namibia Scientific Society, 2007

What makes the central highlands so special? The dramatic mountain landscape is one of the hubs of activity in Namibia. The central highlands comprise rolling hills to the west, steep mountains and eastern plateau surrounding the capital city, Windhoek. Except for towns and the associated municipal lands, the entire area is commercial farmland. Many of the farms, nowadays, offer accommodation and other tourism-related facilities. The highlands savanna, which covers these varied landscapes, is dominated by acacia trees and accompanied by a diverse assortment of shrubs, grasses, herbs and bulbs. Although relative to other areas of the country, intensive collecting around Windhoek may have inflated the known number of the most species-rich areas for plants in the country.


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