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Diamonds in the Desert 9789991640853

263,00 NAD each


Diamonds in the Desert

By Olga Levinson


Kuiseb Verlag 2009

There is no other commodity with such an irresistible fascination as diamonds. People will risk all for them. They will betray, cheat, lie, deceive and murder. They will forfeit honour, friendship and loyalty. They will suffer privations and danger.
For diamonds make dreams a reality. They bring prestige and power. They open doors to presidents and kings. They magically transfer poor men into mil¬lionaires. That is what happened to August Stauch.
This is the true story of a lonely railway employee at one of the most desolate and godforsaken outposts on earth, who stumbled across diamonds in the desert which became the richest source of these gems in the world.
It is a human and poignant story that has never been fully told.


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