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The Spirit of Endurance 9780986998386

220,00 NAD each


The Spirit of Endurance

Your 101 Guide to Endurance Riding in South Africa

By Dr Paul van Dam & Anzel Potgieter

ISBN 9780986998386

Kejafa Knowledge Works, 2012

Endurance riding is not only the fastest growing equestrian discipline in the world, but also a way of life to many. Those who have been bitten by this bug know exactly what the sport means to rider and horse. The uninformed will find in this book an overview of this sport and of the biggest endurance ride in the world, South Africa's annual Fauresmith 200. At the same time this book is a tour of well-known terrain for those involved in the sport, a book that will bring back memories to everyone who has experienced Fauresmith before.

The book combines the knowledge of Dr Paul van Dam, who has been serving the sport in different ways for more than 20 years, with the striking photography of Anzel Potgieter, who was dragged along to the emotion laden Fauresmith by her mother, Ansie, a keen endurance rider.


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