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Sudoeste de / South West ANGOLA 9789994587247

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Sudoeste de / South West ANGOLA

Um retrato da terra e da vida / A portrait of land and life

John Mendelsohn, Stephie Mendelsohn

ISBN 9789994587247

English and Portuguese

Paperback, 316 x 244 x 31 mm with 424 pages

In South West Angola an extraordinary variety is to be found, of languages; of diverse livelihoods; elevations spanning over two or more kilometers; areas with very little vegetation and dense forests, assorted rocks and soils; rivers of water, and rivers of sand.

For people from elsewhere, it is easy to travel in South West Angola, they are welcomed everywhere with smiling faces. Experiences taken home will be treasured, and shared with friends. For those who live in this region, the land holds much to be valued and to build on, a great deal to take price in, and to care about.


Para as pessoas de fora, é fácil viajar pelo Sudoeste de Angola, são bem recebidas em todos os lugares por rostos sorridentes.

Levam para casa experiências preciosas que podem partilhar com amigos.

Para os que vivem nesta região, a terra oferece muito para valorizar e sobre o qual se construir, bem como tanta coisa merecedora de orgulho e de cuidado.

Este é o Sudoeste de Angola.


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