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Communicating Confidently 9789991696737

290,00 NAD each

Communicating Confidently

Hands-on Skills for Presentations and Speeches

ISBN 9789991696737

by Silke von Seydlitz


In a world where you have to compete with thousands of messages, this book will lead you from delivering mediocre talks to presenting outstanding ones that reach the world with your best message.

Communicating ConfidentlyHands-on Skills for Presentations and Speeches is for anyone who delivers talks in public, at social gatherings or sports events. It is for academics who deliver a paper, and for those who facilitate training sessions, preach sermons or give inspirational speeches at special events.

You will benefit from:

  • a step-by-step process on how to compile an effective talk
  • powerful techniques on how to use your breath to create a well-rounded voice
  • the secrets of confident body-language

And you will learn:

  • how to overcome stage fright
  • how to develop a rich and pleasant voice for public speaking
  • how to obtain a relaxed body and mind

Silke is an established training expert and speech and voice coach. She has written and facilitated training courses on presentation skills, voice coaching, self-development and inter-personal skills; has run soft skills training courses for 30 years; and offers individualised one-on-one coaching. Her consulting work began in 1995 and she has since developed further in the fields of speech coaching and translation. She has mastered the Advanced Bronze Program of Toastmaster’s International and has completed her Diploma in Translation (German-English) at the University of Namibia. Silke lives with her family in Windhoek, Namibia.


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