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Remarkable Insects of South Africa 9781875093434

160,00 NAD each


Remarkable Insects of South Africa

Lambert Smith

South Africa has a great diversity of insect life which can be found everywhere, on the ground, in water and in the air. Remarkable Insects of South Africa seeks to introduce the reader to many of the more common and interesting species. The book features many unique never before published photographs which serve to open a window into the amazing, sometimes bizarre and often beautiful but invariably intriguing miniature world of the insects. Through high-quality digital macro-photography accompanied by informative text and captions the reader is guided on a fascinating safari of images as insects feed, breed and hunt in their natural surroundings.

    Written from the viewpoint of a naturalist, rather than a scientist, the book presents both scientific facts and personal observations in a simple, easily understandable and interesting manner.

    The book is richly illustrated with more than 420 superb full-colour photographs.

    A special section on insect photography gives an overview of the techniques and equipment used in photographing these fascinating creatures.

    Insect-spotting is an increasingly popular hobby and this book makes a valuable addition to the literature on insects that occur in South Africa.


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