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African Wild Dogs: On the Front Line 9781431421299

215,00 NAD each


African Wild Dogs: On the Front Line

by Brendan Whittington-Jones

ISBN 9781431421299

Jacana Media July, 2015

450 is optimistically the number of free-ranging African wild dogs left in South Africa. The immediate future of this dynamic, endangered, large carnivore is in the hands of a thinly spread, intensely committed network of conservationists, donors, state reserves and progressive landowners. When an opportunity to study wild dogs through the Endangered Wildlife Trust presented itself to Brendan Whittington-Jones in 2007, he arrived in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park naïve to the challenges of real wildlife conservation. The next seven years were a flood of lessons in the complexity and fascination of wild dog management, anger management, diplomacy, optimism, as well as being a wild dog travel agent. This book lifts the gloss and illusion off a wedge of carnivore conservation, and reveals a snapshot of characters (human and canid) and organizations that tread the murky waters of trying to ensure the species’ persistence in South Africa.


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