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The Elephant's Secret Sense 9781851686438

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The Elephant's Secret Sense

The Hidden Life Of The Wild Herds Of Africa

by Caitlin O'connell

ISBN 9781851686438

Naturalist Caitlin O’Connell tells the fascinating story of her discovery of a previously unknown mode of elephant communication. One day, while observing elephants in the wild, O’Connell saw the matriarch suddenly turn, flatten her ears, and lift a leg off the ground. Several others followed suit, and soon another elephant appeared. Could elephants feel vibrations through the ground, literally ‘listening’ with their feet?

Like 'Gorillas in the Mist', The Elephant’s Secret Sense is O’Connell’s unforgettable account of her relationship with the animals she studied for fourteen years in the Namibian wilderness - a poverty-stricken land threatened by expanding human populations and unstable politics. This is an enthralling story about the resilience of nature and the inspiring, astonishing, and often heartbreaking places where humans and wild animals come together.


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